Patton Single Dual-Port ISDN Bri VoIP Gateway

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Patton Single Dual-Port ISDN Bri VoIP Gateway VoIP Gateway Warengruppe: netzwerk... mehr
Produktinformationen "Patton Single Dual-Port ISDN Bri VoIP Gateway"

Patton Single Dual-Port ISDN Bri VoIP Gateway VoIP Gateway

Warengruppe: netzwerk
Hersteller: Patton
Herstellernummer: SN4120/1BIS2V/EUI
Modell: Single Dual-Port ISDN Bri VoIP Gateway
Geräteart: VoIP Gateway
weitere Infos: LAN Connectivity 10/100Base-T Ethernet LAN • Auto- MDIX • DHCP Client • PPPoE Client (multisession) • SNTP • IP Multinetting • VLAN IP Quality of Service IEEE 802.1p TOS DiffServ Labeling • IEEE 802.1Q VLAN Tag insertion/deletion (4 096 VLANs) Management Web-based GUI • Fully documented CLI • Telnet and HTTP access • TFTP configuration upload and download • TFTP/HTTP firmware upgrade • SNMP agent MIB II and enterprise MIB • Built-in diagnostic tools • Auto-provisioning—configuration and firmware Fax and Modem Support T.38 fax over IP • Fax relay and bypass • Modem bypass ISDN Specification 1/2 port Euro-ISDN BRI/So RJ-45 TE • DSS-1 Q.921 Q.931 • Point-to-point & point-to-multipoint. Voice Signaling SIPv2 • H.323v4 • SIP call transfer redirect • Overlap or en-bloc dialing • DTMF in-band & out-of-band • Configurable call progress tones • CLIP • CLIR • AOC • PARE Call Routing & Services Regular expression number matching • Regular expression number manipulation • Least Cost Routing • Number blocking • Short-Dialing • Digit collection • Distribution-Groups & Hunt-Groups • 2nd call offering Voice Processing G.711 • G.723.1 (5.3/6.3 kbps) • G.729 G.729a G.729ab (8 kbps) • G.726 ADPCM (16 24 32 40 kbps) • G.168 echo cancellation (25 ms) • Transparent ISDN data • Silence suppression and comfort noise • Adaptive and configurable dejitte, Zustand unbenutzt in geöffneter OVP,


Patton Single Dual-Port ISDN Bri VoIP Gateway


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